The Blue Tides

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New album released on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon  Rave reviews already coming in for the new Disconnection Section album which includes 10 new compositions and 11 remixes from my previous releases.  Expect colourful orchestration, intriguing time-signatures and homages to some of my favourite musicians, like Thelonious Monk, Brian Wilson, John Cage,

Oliver Messiaen, Jimi Hendrix,  Sandy Denny and Bela Fleck.  I get to play lots of guitar, banjo,

ukelele and bass and some brilliant guest musicians feature on drums, saxes, flute, clarinet and

vocals. Find out more and hear tracks here


Latest media coverage  "Stephen Godsall and his radiophonic guitar stretch the boundaries of imagination with textures both heard and felt.  Unusual melodies supported by edgy harmonies make for a modern yet highly accessible sound which embed deep in the conscious and unconscious with repeated listening.  His fantastic compositional range and this, combined with formidable skills in sound editing and manipulation, give a fresh and satisfying take and on what is dismissively termed modern jazz, a genre which is undoubtedly ignored by the vast majority of music listeners."

Andi Cee, The Fret Connexxion, Skyline Gold 102.5 FM

Celebrate the art of guitar from around the world every Wednesday by making The Fret Connexxion between 8 and 10 at  For requests, playlist ideas or to promote your band or venue contact Andi via


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 Stephen Godsall is a composer and guitarist based in Dorset. He performs solo playing Radiophonic Guitar and with his band The Blue Tides. Click here to visit his website which includes music for free download and other music making resources.